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Our Story

Hi and thanks for stopping by!  My name is Laura and all of my initials are the same, which is how the name of this blog came about.  This is the story of my ongoing adventures as a historian, military spouse and a new mom.

Captain Husband and I met at a Halloween Party in Washington, DC, on October 27, 2007; he was dressed like a member of an 80s hair/metal band, complete with long wig, while I was a zombie Clara Bow.  I asked him for his number and called him the next day.  We had our first date on Halloween and were pretty much inseparable from that point on.

Our relationship was put on fast forward a bit thanks to Captain Husband's decision to volunteer for a year-long mission to Afghanistan.  We moved in together in March of 2008 and were engaged by May.  Our small, vintage-style wedding took place in front of our family on July 26, 2008; you can read more about our wedding and check out some photos here.  Captain Husband left for training a couple of weeks later and was on a plane to Afghanistan in early November.  We managed to make it through the year apart and were happily reunited in August of 2009.

Now here's where things get complicated: Captain Husband decided to go back into the Army full-time after his return from Afghanistan, which meant some major changes were in store for both of us.  It was also around this time that I became pregnant. The timing could have been a little bit better, as Captain Husband was heading off to Oklahoma to attend a six-month career course, which meant I was going to be on my own for most of the pregnancy.  Our baby's due date was June 18th; Captain Husband's last day of class was June 25th.  We kept our fingers crossed that the stars would align and that we would be together when our baby was born.

Our son, Sammy, was born on June 23, 2010 (you can read his birth story here).  Sadly, Captain Husband was not able to be home for his birth, but he got home as fast as he could to meet his bouncing baby boy.  The three of us spent the next month or so together, enjoying our time as a new family.  Time flew by and before we knew it, it was time for Captain Husband to head off to his next destination--South Korea.

I held down the fort with Sammy and our fuzzy and loveable cat, Sandy, while Captain Husband was in South Korea for twelve months.  Thanks to things like email, Skype and video phones, we were able to stay in touch on an almost daily basis--for awhile there, I was worried that Sammy was going to grow up thinking that his daddy lived in the computer.  It was difficult transitioning to being a solo parent to a newborn, but somehow I managed to survive the year without the house burning down or being carted off to the loony bin.

Captain Husband returned to Virginia in July of 2011 and soon it was time for us to be off on our next adventure--moving halfway across the country to the west Texas town of El Paso.  We settled in to our new locale and before we knew it we were expecting baby #2; after a few early labor scares and some bed rest, our happy and healthy son, Charlie, joined the family on August 12, 2012 via an emergency c-section.

And that brings us to today; join us as I recount our daily adventures in embracing the suck!


Anonymous said...

Oh my, you have had to deal with a ton of separation. I wish you would have been able to go to SoKo with your hubby, but that's the Army I guess. Hoe he comes home soon and I can't wait to look at your vintage wedding photos!!!


Casey Martinez said...

Okay, so my first question is..how do you do it??? I know many many military gals, some are my closest friends and the six month deployments are just about more than they can handle..I couldn't at all...but, how have you handled so many separations and such lengthy ones apart with a child. So much work to do alone. YOU ARE MY HERO!! Seriously, prayers for you as you shoulder the extra weight. I'm sure it isn't easy!

Shoni said...

Wow...you are amazing! I have a hard time when my husband is gone for a few nights. It sounds like you are a very strong woman!

On another note, you and I share wedding anniversaries. :)

Take care!

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