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Monday, November 19, 2012

Charlie's three-month update

Charlie turned three months old last week and I just can't get over how fast he's growing.  Thanks to our trip to the emergency room for his recent bout with croup, I have a general idea as to his stats, which has him weighing a little over fifteen pounds and measuring approximately twenty-six inches long.  Charlie's currently wearing mostly six-month sized clothing, although I have to put him in nine-month sleepers at night in order to accommodate all of the junk in his trunk thanks to his giant night-time cloth diaper.  Speaking of night time, Charlie's back to waking up once or twice a night for a feeding--I accredit his recent sickness and all of the traveling we've been doing lately with this change in his sleep schedule and I really hope he gets back to sleeping through the night soon as I miss REM sleep.  In other news, Charlie's starting to support his weight on his legs and can sit up with only the smallest bit of assistance.  He's also mastered grabbing and can pass his toys from hand to hand when he's not putting them in his mouth; he's also discovered his fingers and will snack on them from time to time.  If I had to describe his personality with only one word, I'd have to go with sunny--he's almost always smiling and happy and can usually be found charming the pants off of the nearest person around.  Charlie's very ticklish and will laugh out loud whenever his neck or underarms are tickled.  He loves to watch his big brother play and will stop whatever he's doing in order to focus all of his attention on Sammy whenever Sammy's around.

 then, she {snapped}

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Boo to you

So I'm about two weeks late with my Halloween post, but better late than never, right?  It's been kind of crazy around here lately--Sammy was sick with a low-grade fever off and on for about a week and then Charlie came down with croup so I've been busy playing nursemaid and haven't had much time to just sit down and go through any of the pictures I've taken until now.  Fortunately both boys have recovered and were happy and healthy for Halloween; Captain Husband handed out candy while I took both boys out to do some trick or treating in our neighborhood.

You may notice that Sammy was a cowboy again this year; I had purchased him a different costume but he refused to wear it and threw a holy fit, so we went with the repeat.  Oh well, he can always wear the other costume next year!  Other than the costume debacle, the evening went really well--it's amazing the difference a year can make.  Sammy went up to most of the houses on his own and even remembered to say trick or treat half of the time; it was pretty adorable and I had a lot of fun taking him around--his little pumpkin bucket was filled in record time!

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