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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Charlie's seven-month update

I'm a little behind on giving you the monthly update on Charlie, but better late than never, right?  Charlie is now the proud owner of two bottom teeth and he enjoys using them to chew on a wide variety of things, such as baby carrots, his fingers, and just about anything else he can stick in his mouth.  I'm still working on introducing him to solid foods--he appears to really enjoy sweet potatoes, peas, and applesauce, but was rather indifferent when it came to avocados; Charlie also appears to have a sensitivity to bananas of all things, so I'm going to wait a few more months before reintroducing those.

I decided to movie Charlie into Sammy's room when he turned seven-months old; I think the transition was made easier on both boys by having them take their afternoon naps together for a week and a half before making the big move to sharing a room overnight.  It appears that the only thing keeping Charlie from sleeping through the night was being in our bedroom--he's only woken up once in the night to nurse since we made the change, which means I've been getting a full night's sleep again.  Speaking of sleep, Charlie has turned into a napping champ over the past month.  He typically wakes up at 8 am and plays for about two hours and then naps from 10 am to 12:30 and then again in the afternoon from about 3 pm to 4:30; thanks to the time change, he's going to bed at 7:30, which means Charlie actually gets to see Captain Husband most evenings now.

Other stats: Currently wearing eighteen-month clothing.  Has started getting into the crawling position and rocking back and forth, but he still hasn't rolled over yet.  Loves being tossed into the air and having raspberries blown on his tummy.  Likes to get into yelling contests with his big brother.  Enjoys playing peekaboo and hearing me sing silly songs that feature his name and dancing to Beatles songs.  Absolutely adores bath time and has figured out how to scoot around on his bottom in the tub.  Thinks Sammy is hilarious and that Sandy Cat is his nap-time partner in crime.

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