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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Greetings from oh-my-god-it's-so-sunny Tucson, Arizona

This stunning view of the Santa Catalina Mountains is what I get to see first thing every morning from our room at the lodge at Ventana Canyon. Pretty nice, eh? Captain Husband and I flew out here on Thursday for one of his old college buddy's wedding, which is taking place at the lodge today. This is my first time to the southwest, and so far so good. The sun is blazing, but there's no humidity so when the temperature reaches 100 degrees it's still nowhere near as bad as it's been in Virginia this summer. We rented a sweet 2010 Mustang convertible and I got to drive it around Tucson and explore yesterday while CH sweated it out on the golf course with his friends. I did some antiquing in town and stumbled across this gem:

This stunning circa 1870 quilt is completely hand-pieced and hand-stitched and hails from Exeter, Maine. A family history was also attached, detailing who made it and for whom. I still can't get over how rich and vibrant the coloration is after nearly one hundred and forty years of use. I'm thinking about consigning it to my boss to show at the Deerfield/ADA antiques show coming up in October, although it's so gorgeous that it will be hard to see it go!

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