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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Three may keep a secret, but only if two of them are dead


Drum roll, please.

I'm pregnant. Knocked up. Expecting. In the family way. Up the duff. Bun in the oven.

You read that right (for the few of you to whom I haven't already spilled the beans); Captain Husband and I are expecting a Baby Captain this coming summer--June 18, 2010, to be exact. I hope this announcement explains my reticence in blogging lately. Honestly, I wanted to scream it from the interwebs nearly as soon as we had found out (and the panicked sobbing had subsided for the most part; yay hormones!), but CH and I both wanted to play it safe. As of yesterday, I am now a full twelve weeks (or thirteen depending on which system you use), and on my way into the second trimester. We should get to hear the heartbeat at our next appointment on Tuesday, December 8. Other than the crappy symptoms of heartburn, painfully huge boobs, and a brief spate of nausea, I really haven't had any confirmation that there is in fact another creature living inside of me (military health care is pretty bare bones, so unlike a lot of other first-time moms out there, I was not offered a spate of ultrasounds and blood work to confirm the pregnancy; the doctors simply took my word for it and away we went), so CH and I are both looking forward to it and hopefully finding out the sex of the baby in January or February.

Now onto the second announcement: CH received his orders back to active duty service this Thursday, making his return to the Army officially official. What exactly does this mean? For starters, he's going to be moving out to Oklahoma in January, where he'll be in officer's school until the end of June. Which means I'm going to be by myself for the majority of the second and third trimesters. I am slightly nervous/freaked out about this, but I think we'll be ok. After all, it's not like Oklahoma is Afghanistan or anything; we'll be able to email, talk on the phone, or Skype daily, plus he can get weekend passes to come home for the big doctor appointments, etc. Another bonus is that the Army offers ten days of paternity leave; not a lot, mind you, but way better than they used to. So if everything goes well, CH will be able to attend the birth.

Ok, I'm sure this is a lot of information to process; I know we're still wrapping our collective brain around it!


James & Kate said...

Holy crap!!!! Congratulations!!! It seems everyone I know who is female is pregnant. You guys should get together and start a club :)

Can't wait to see you in person to give you a big hug!!!!!


L. said...

I know of several people expecting June babies; apparently there was something in the water in September. :)

mnd said...

confuckingratulations!!! i am so happy for you and i miss you so much. i hope i can take a day or two to come out and visit you/keep you company when CH is in OK. :)

Gretchen said...

I'm just a phone call away for doctors' appointments, etc. So excited for you guys :)

L. said...

CH and I both really appreciate all of the well wishes from everyone; thanks!

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