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Monday, July 13, 2009

Weekend recap

This past weekend flew right on by, but boy, was it fun! Tim's birthday was this weekend, so Julianne threw him a party at their place out in Frederick (it turned into an all-night dance party; I'm still a little sore from dancing around like a three-year-old on speed). I took the back way up and stumbled across this beauty outside of Leesburg, Virginia:

It has such a great, mellow patina--I don't think it's ever been polished, which I totally love. I hope to have it cleaned up (it had been displayed outside for who knows how long) and put together in the guest room some time this week; however, the prospect of having to completely dismantle the bed frame currently in there and move the mattress and box springs out of the way has me less than enthused at the prospect. Carrying the headboard, footboard, and iron side rails up the 3+ flights of stairs by myself was enough of a workout, thank you very much.

On Sunday I had to work at Finials, which was perfect timing because I have two weddings coming up for which I needed to find lovely, preferably vintage, gifts. I think I did pretty well; for my cousin's wedding gift I found a beautiful sterling silver angel food cake cutter from the early 1900s. It's never been monogrammed, so I'm going to take it to the silversmith in Alexandria tomorrow to have the bride and groom's initials put on it (my cousin inherited my grandmother's silver, so I thought it would be nice to add to his collection). For my friends Seth and Amy I bought a sweet pair of crystal salt and pepper shakers with sterling silver and mother of pearl tops (I think I'll write a note about the superstition of mixing salt and pepper together to avoid a quarrel--something every newlywed couple should know--in the card). And on top of all of that fabulous shopping, Barb hooked me up with a little something something for my patio garden:

Oh yeah, Captain Husband is totally going to love this addition. It really classes the place up, don't you think? Speaking of CH, if everything has gone as expected, he's in the process of completing the first step in his long, multi-step journey back to the States. So keep your fingers crossed, and hopefully in a couple of weeks, he'll be back here in Virginia, just in time for Humidity Fest 2009. Sweet.


Gretchen said...

Did you stop in Lucketts perchance? Love the bed. I can help with the moving if you're really nice ;)

L. said...

I didn't stop in Lucketts, but I was mighty tempted! It's definitely on my radar for the next time I'm in that neck of the woods...road trip, perhaps?

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