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Friday, March 26, 2010

How sweet it is

I took Monday off from work this week so that I could spend the entire day at Belvoir making various appointments and such. First on my list of things to do was the dreaded one-hour glucose tolerance test, which would determine if I needed additional screening for gestational diabetes. I showed up at the lab, book in hand, and prepared to chug down the small bottle of orange liquid the tech handed to me. At first, I didn't really think much of the taste and actually said to myself, "I don't see what's so terrible about this stuff, really." But by the time I reached the bottom of the bottle, my tune had changed. It was like drinking Tang on crack, or how I imagine humming bird syrup would taste if someone dumped in a packet of orange kool-aid and some Gatorade to boot. Blech. Thankfully I was allowed to drink all of the water that I wanted while I waited for the hour to pass. The baby, on the other hand, appeared to love the stuff if his hyperactive calisthenics about my rib cage can be taken as an affirmative response. After I got my blood drawn, I was off to the human resources building to get my new active duty military ID; I somehow managed to lose my old one during a previous visit to the hospital and had been getting by with my old guard ID.

After only getting slightly lost on the post, I managed to find the place and lucked into the last remaining parking spot...only when I tried to exit the car did I realize why the spot was vacant in the first place--I was parked in about 6 inches of standing water. I leaned over to the passenger side and noticed that there was only about an inch and a half on that side. I then managed to contort my rather unwieldy self into a series of positions that enabled me to go from the driver's seat to the passenger's seat and out into the lesser of the two puddles; thank goodness no one was watching my impromptu pregnant lady yoga session. Amazingly enough there was absolutely no wait at all at the ID place and I went right in for my new photo. Let me say just this: the ID people at Belvoir make the photographers at the DMV look like professionals moonlighting from Olan Mills. Fortunately for me, my new ID picture turned out to be slightly less horrifying than the one that I had lost, so it could have been worse.

Because I was in and out of the ID place in record time, I had about an hour to kill before my afternoon appointment with my doctor, so I headed over to the string of stores on the South Post and decided to get a pedicure at Royspa. I had never been there before, but I left feeling very relaxed and pampered and have every intention of returning. Girls' day out, anyone?

Before the polish on my toes had time to dry, I had to dash over to the hospital for my appointment with Dr. Brown, who was waiting to give me the results of my glucose tolerance test. I had passed without any problem! I was really, really happy about the test results; of all of the things one could worry about while pregnant, developing gestational diabetes was pretty much the only one that had concerned me. With that out of the way, Dr. Brown and I went over my tentative birth plan, discussed the pros and cons of circumcision (now there's a conversation one doesn't have every day), and had a generally all-around good time (this was probably due to me being super hyped up off of the glucose mix from earlier that day).

For those of you keeping track of these things, today I officially enter the third trimester. Seems like it was only yesterday that I was giving Captain Husband the news and alternating between being really happy and freaking out.


Joel said...

Aha, I have encountered a similar situation, parking in a puddle before too! I made the leap out the driver door at the time, but didn't realize the real trouble would be getting back into my car afterward! Luckily I didn't have to worry about being pregnant at the time (or ever, really, being male).

So, what I really felt compelled to comment on in your post was your discussion with the doctor about pros + cons of circumcision.

I guess what I just wanted to point out is that the vast majority of the men in the world have their penises intact, and they are doing just fine. Medical organizations around the world do not recommend the procedure, even in the United States. The American Academy of Pediatrics does not recommend the procedure, and neither does the Canadian Pediatric Society.

It is non-therapeutic and medically unnecessary. Every circumcision is permanent and causes pain. It also removes healthy, sensitive, functional, erogenous genital tissue - a point rarely brought up by doctors, but having the body part in question, I feel it is one of the most important points.

I know some research shows potential benefits, but often these problems are more common in America than in the developed nations that never circumcise, so the research is questionable.

If you can teach a child to brush his teeth, you can teach him to wash a foreskin - likely the easiest form of hygiene there is - you might have trouble getting him to STOP cleaning it. :)

Anyways, I just wanted to share a few of those thoughts with you, because often in our culture its a topic we never really fully consider or even understand. The foreskin is a healthy body part, and personally, I feel like healthy body parts belong to their owners, not to their owner's parents. :) Just my take, hope it will get you thinking anyways.


P.S. Egch! I have had orange 'drink' like that before too...

L. said...

Hi Joel and thanks for the comment! Personally, I'd rather not circumcise my son for the exact reasons you've mentioned. However, I'm still waiting for my husband to weigh in on the matter. Fortunately my doctor will be supportive either way and agrees that the main reason people continue to choose circumcision is out of concern for social norms. Which, to be honest, have never really concerned me all that much. :)

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