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Monday, September 26, 2011

Fifteen-month update

I am now the proud parent of a fifteen-month old.  Crazy, right?  Here's a quick run-down of his stats:

Teeth: Twelve (all four molars are present and accounted for)
Weight: Um, close to 27 pounds (I'm guessing here; he's definitely pretty solid)
Height: 33" give or take
Clothing: Mostly 24-month or 2T things; I've also started letting him choose which shirt to wear for the day, which has resulted in some seriously awesome outfit combinations
Feet: Huge (he's now wearing a 7W)
Naps: One big one in the afternoon

Words: Not a lot of new words to add, but he's got a whole new range of sounds going on.  He woofs at dogs, tweets at birds, and moos at anything that's black and white.  He also understands a lot of what's being said around him: Sammy kind of blew me away yesterday when, on a whim, I asked him to get his shoes for me.  Now, I've never asked him this before, so I really wasn't expecting him to run to his room, grab a shoe, and bring it back to me, but that's exactly what he did.
Temperament: Generally sweet (he's usually the biggest kid at his playgroup, but he tends to let the smaller kids push him around), but he can be a real turd when he wants to be--his new trick is to throw things whenever he's really angry.  Fantastic.

Likes: Sandy, kitties in general, cars, balls, looking at picture books, being read to (especially Bear Snores On), juice, daddy, Peppa Pig, taking things out of something and then putting them back, climbing, goldfish crackers, and any and all fruits.
Dislikes: Diaper changes, waiting for meals, empty snack cups, empty sippy cups, getting his face washed, and not being allowed to climb into the fireplace.


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness. Sammy is soooo adorable. Love these.

Ashley Sisk said...

You mean my future 2nd husband. JK LOL He's adorable.

Chic Homeschool Mama said...

SO ADORABLE!!! I would always get so happy seeing that my kids liked brushing their teeth. I really love that first pic- what a happy guy!

Karin said...

Hahaha so cute! They are still similar...amy Ilkes Fish Crackers and Peppa Big but I guess most kids do. Wish me luck our top molars also break through soon!

Sarah said...

He looks so grown up in these photos! I can't believe it!

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