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Friday, April 20, 2012

Baby got back

A few weeks ago, Sammy started soaking through his diapers in a record amount of time.  I was at a loss, but I knew one thing for sure--I was getting really tired of mopping pee off of the floor several times a day.  I was getting so desperate for a solution that I almost resorted to disposables, but Sammy managed to flood through those in less than a half an hour (surely that has to be a record of some sort).  I talked to a few cloth-diapering friends who informed me that my beloved Fuzzi Bunz tend to max out once the wearer nears thirty pounds.  Crap.  Now what?  I had a few fitteds and prefolds left over from Sammy's old night-time routine so I tried a few different combos and struck gold with the following:

I've had to buy some additional components like more fitteds and covers, but I've gotten really lucky on eBay and Spot's Corner, so it hasn't been too expensive (contrary to what Captain Husband thinks); I also just ordered some wool wrap covers by Imse Vimse in the hopes that they will make this new system even more awesome.  Sammy can now go about an hour and a half to two hours between changes, as opposed to once every 30 minutes when he was in his Fuzzi Bunz (and a hemp doubler--my kid has the bladder of a race horse). 

The only downfall to my new super soaker combination is that it's a bit bulky and I may have to size up Sammy's shorts to 4T just so I can pull them over his giant butt.  He may look a little funny with that big bottom of his, but anything is better than dealing with the constant diaper changes and whatnot.  Since I've made the switch I've managed to cut way back on the amount of laundry I had to do thanks to all of Sammy's leaks.

And as you can see, the added bulk hasn't impeded Sammy's flexibility one bit. Have a great Earth Day Weekend everyone!



Kim said...

That is a good solution. Thanks for sharing.

Have you thought of starting to potty train? The reason he is soaking his diaper is because he is starting to hold his pee in. When he does pee, he overloads the diaper because he has held it. He is probably holding his pee all night, too. It is just hard to tell with diapers. Try giving him a dray diaper before nap and checking it right when he wakes up.

Just a tip from a mom that has been there 5 times in the last 4 years. lol Hoping for my 5th time this summer.

Katie said...

I just had to revamp my night time routine, there is a lady at the hotel I am staying at and she introduced me to kawaii baby heavy wetters, I love them and our boy stays dry all night long! I love all the different ways cloth diapers work! :)

Rachel said...

Thanks! I am going through the same thing with mine, and I thought it was my diapers. I started doubling up and trying different things, but I think I will try this!

Sarah said...

Good thing his Momma likes big butts and can not lie. :)

melifaif said...

You are so awesome for tackling the cloth diaper thang! I never had the guts.... :)

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