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Monday, April 16, 2012

Sitting pretty

I never thought the day would ever come but Captain Husband finally relented to my pleas and agreed to get a new sofa and love seat set for the living room.  Our former set was pushing eleven years old and had been purchased by CH when he lived in El Paso the first time around; while they weren't in horrible shape, they had definitely seen their share of wear and tear thanks to a rotation of feline friends and a spit-happy baby, not too mention a slew of bums sitting on them to the point that there were permanent dents in the cushions.  Not exactly the most comfortable things to sit on anymore (and to be honest, they were never really my style, anyway).

Last Tuesday Sammy and I were out and about running some errands; we drove by Room Store, which is going out of business, and I was suddenly struck by the urge to stop and check out the remaining merchandise.  I was hoping to find a twin mattress to use with the trundle bed in the guest room, but I wound up finding this lovely living room set that had been marked down a whopping 70% off of its original price and made a mental note to mention it to CH later that night.

Fast forward to Thursday last week and I convinced CH that we should go and check it out before Room Store completely closes down and so off we went; to my surprise, the set was still there and CH actually liked it.  We walked around the entire store just to be sure we weren't missing out on any better deals and decided to just go for it.  The sofas were delivered yesterday and we couldn't be happier with them--at first, I was afraid that I was going to suffer from some major buyer's remorse, but I'm too busy enjoying the cushy chenille upholstery and comfy seating that they afford.

We didn't want Sandy Cat to feel left out, so we also got her a new scratching post with built-in sleeping pad on top (we're hoping that it'll keep her from scratching up the new couches); I'm pretty sure she likes it almost as much as we like the new look of our living room.

 then, she {snapped}


Maeve's Momma said...

I LOVE the Rolf doll Sammy has!!!! Where on earth did you find it???

Vanessa said...

Sofas look comfy and the kitty looks happy.

Anonymous said...

Oh!! I love it! We need new couches too.

Lori said...

Yep love them! I showed them to my fiance, hint hint!

Casey Martinez said...

I have to say again that I am really hooked on your sofas. Like, I want them:). I love how stuffed and new they look and the fabric is perfect!! Great color too...K, I love them that's all. lol

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