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Friday, June 29, 2012

Practice makes perfect

Both Sandy Cat and Sammy have been doing their parts to get ready for the new baby by using Sammy's baby doll as a proxy.  As you can see, Sandy Cat is always ready and willing to be a nap buddy/bed warmer at a moment's notice.

Sammy, on the other hand, has taken on more of an interest in making sure the baby has enough to eat and drink at all times and made the baby a gourmet breakfast of eggs, ketchup and sugar.  When I informed him that the baby might be thirsty after all of that yummy goodness, Sammy raced for the bottle and proceeded to give the baby some milk for the next fifteen minutes or so, which in toddler time is equivalent to approximately two and a half days.

I'm so glad to see Sammy taking on such a nurturing role, especially without having a real-life model from which to follow (although he did pick up quite a bit about the younger set while his cousin, Henry, was here in May).  I'm toying with the idea of maybe making his baby some pretend cloth diapers so Sammy can try his hand at changing him--I think he might enjoy that, or at least the act of velcroing something over and over again.

From the looks of it, I'd say Sammy's ready to be a big brother--hopefully his little brother will decide to wait it out a few more weeks before making an appearance!


Maeve's Momma said...

I can't imagine Maeve doing something quiet like that for 15 minutes, that's amazing! And I do hope Little Brother stays put for quite awhile!!

Gina @ Gigi Marie Photography said...

Oh how sweet. I love seeing the nurturing come out.

Karin said...

We got Amy a doll that pees when you feed it and closes her eyes when you put a pacy in his mouth. It is a boy doll with all the bits and she looooves it! So much so, she now uses the potty a little more because her baby has a potty, too.
My firen's boy got really upset that the new baby sis never had dinner with them. They struggled to keep him away from feeding her food whenever they turned their backs to him. So, better get prepared that Sammy might get upset about the new brother not having enough to eat;-)

Lori said...

That is so adorable. I love when toddlers play with baby dolls and feed them, kiss them, hug them, it's so sweet.

Tonya said...

Cuteness overload!!

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