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Monday, July 2, 2012

On my mind

This picture has absolutely nothing to do with this post, but it's a cute moment between Sammy and my mom that I wanted to share with you guys.  So, on to the post:

Last week's surprise visit to the hospital still has me somewhat rattled...I thought having had one kid already would make me a pro at this whole baby bit, but this go-round has been so completely different than from being pregnant with Sammy that I honestly don't know what to expect and that has me a bit scared.  I'm thirty five weeks and some change today and this baby is breech, which has me trying to come to terms with the fact that I may very well have to undergo a c-section if he doesn't flip around soon...especially if I find myself experiencing early labor issues again.

I've been trying to take things easy since Monday--my doctor gave me orders to stay on bed rest for a few days following my discharge from the hospital, which I did (even though all that rest seemed to do was make me feel tired all of the time).  I've got an appointment to see my doctor today and hopefully that will go well, although I'm afraid that he might tell me I need to really get serious about staying off of my feet for the next few weeks, but if that's what it takes to keep this baby happy and healthy, then I'll do it.  Thankfully my mom is here to help out with Sammy now that I'm no longer able to lift him or get him into his car seat.  He's been handling my diminished activity level pretty well, although it does break my heart a bit to have to tell him no every time he asks for me to pick him up for a quick hug.

I know things have a way of working out so I'm trying not to dwell too much on the what ifs surrounding this pregnancy, even though lying in bed for most of the day kind of gives a person a lot of time to think.  Phew--thanks for listening, everyone; it felt good to get some of this out.

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Charli said...

I am also amazed at how different the second pregnancy is. I do want to say one thing, and that is that should you have to have a c-section, you will be fine! I ended up with one the first time, which was devastating and I felt guilt and falure for months after. Then I realized that it was actually not so bad, and now I have Lilli. And she rocks. My advice if you have to go that route is to just have fun with it. Crack jokes if you have to, and try to enjoy it as a valid labor experience. It will make the recovery easier than you think (mine was!).

Shannon {ava_caitlyn} said...

Honey, don't worry. I know it is scary and I actually had Caitlyn at 35 weeks, she was perfectly healthy! So, rest as much as you can...and let your Mama take care of you! (hugs)

Bunch of Barrons said...

Hang in there! Hoping everything turns out perfectly.

Our Little Fam said...

Hang in there momma! Hope the baby flips soon! When I was 38 weeks baby was breech. I went into labor at 39 weeks and baby had flipped. Cute cute picture by the way!

Cropped Stories said...

I know it's easy for me to say, but try not to worry. There is still time for that baby to turn around! Great capture too!

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