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Monday, April 15, 2013

Charlie's eight-month update

I'm having a little bit of trouble coming to terms that my baby boy is now eight-months old; it seems like just yesterday he was this tiny little creature that I had brought home from the hospital.  But there's no doubt about it--Charlie is fast on track to becoming an independent *gasp* toddler.

Charlie is this close to crawling...in fact, I wouldn't be surprised if he figured it out by the end of this week.  He's very adept at going from a seated position onto his hands and knees and Charlie has also mastered the art of scooting along the floor on his bum.  It's slow going, but he doesn't seem to mind--Charlie's just so happy to be able to get to some of his favorite toys on his own.

Charlie has figured out how to use his two bottom teeth over the past month and loves to chew on steamed veggies like cucumber, carrots, broccoli, sweet potatoes, and sugar-snap peas.  He has nothing but disdain for being spoon fed, so I've started letting him finger feed himself and Charlie seems to really enjoy this new independence.

Stats: Charlie is currently wearing 18-24 month clothing and probably weighs around twenty-four pounds.  He's settled into a regular nap and bedtime routine and is generally sleeping through the night most of the time (when Sammy leaves him alone, that is).  Charlie is babbling a ton now and is beginning to copy the sounds and movements of others--he loves to blow raspberries whenever Sammy or Captain Husband do and shake his head back and forth in imitation and he's even started to wave.  And in other news, Charlie has mastered the fine art of clapping!


jax from the harmon squad said...

He is KILLING me with his cuteness!!

Janice Trinh said...

He is too cute! And yes, they grow up so fast. Get ready to chase him all over the place! :) Love his eyes, too.

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