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Monday, February 16, 2009

My mother's daughter

Meet my new old Venetian chandelier, installed in the dining room by me...and the house is still standing and no one got electrocuted! After the successful installation of the new old light in the master bathroom, I figured I could kick it up a notch this time around and hook up the fixture and put in a dimmer switch. And I did all of this without having 911 on speed dial (though I did call my dad for some guidance on the dimmer switch and let loose a couple of f-bombs for good measure). My dad, a carpenter, and my mom, an electrician (she taught me how to screw and strip with the best of them), are big do-it-yourselfers, so it makes me feel good to tackle some DIY projects at the house all by myself. As my dad said, this is what happens when Captain Husband goes away and leaves me to my own devices for more than a year. By the time he gets back, the whole place will be painted and wallpapered to the nth degree, with a vintage light fixture in every room. That'll teach him!

1 comment:

G. said...

Look forward to seeing your new addition! And good news about the tuna shake that Josie likes!

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