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Monday, March 30, 2009

Offbeatbride redux

I just got word that Captain Husband's and my wedding is being re-posted on the awesome website, offbeatbride.com. You can check it out here!


TMae said...

I can't remember where I saw your wedding right after it happened (Frankee's site?) but I fell in love with it and wanted you to be an OBB!

I saw the profile today and thought, "I've seen this wedding!" I was married in Charlottesville in October, and in planning the wedding was desperate to find other people nearby who were doing things a little bit differently. At the time I also wanted to borrow your insanely talented friend to make my dress. I had been communicating with a dressmaker in Roanoke that TOTALLY fell through and left me panicking about something to wear...oy, I'm so glad it's over. Which is to say, I LOVE your dress. It was so much what I wanted. (For what it's worth, I wound up at chain store buying a dress that I figured would be great at the time, but look back on and think, "Umm...really?" Oh well.)

Anyway, happy being married!

L. said...

Thanks for the lovely message; I'm glad that you enjoyed my offbeat wedding and awesome dress...I'll be sure to pass the praise on to Julianne!

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