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Sunday, March 15, 2009

A sneak peak

The office is coming together, slowly but surely. It helps that I keep finding awesome and most importantly, affordable, things in antique shops that complement the arts and crafts-style furniture and lime green that I chose as the accent color. For example, today in Fredericksburg, Virginia, I found an arts and crafts oak tea cart that had been marked down; I knew it would make a perfect printer cart, especially since my printer was at the moment resting upon an old nightstand of Captain Husband's that had definitely seen better days. At another shop, I stumbled across a great little green glass and brass accent lamp from the 1920s; it too was on sale and I couldn't pass it up. With these new purchases in tow, I returned home and started working on the office. I also cleaned and "restorafinished" the barrister bookcase and brought it up from the basement hallway and placed it in the room; I can't wait for the new top and base to come in! I need to rearrange some of the stuff hanging on the walls and I have an idea of how to display some of CH's photographs and military paraphernalia; I've ordered the fabric for the curtain and the chair cushion, and that should also be here in the next few weeks. Its so nice seeing a room actually come together in the way that I had envisioned it!


Anonymous said...

the green is awesome - i love me some green (not counting this past holiday, that is).

G. said...

Looking good! Glad you scored some great finds in The Burg!

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