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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The project pipeline, aka staying busy

In the interest of keeping my mind occupied and doing something other than bathing, injecting or taking the cats to the vet's (I really do think they should hand out VIP cards or something there; if so I'd be more than half-way to earning a new pet), I've made up a list of things I can do around the house. The first thing I'd like to do is finish the office. Now when Captain Husband and I first moved in together, we split the house in half and compromised on the main living areas. Since I actually used the kitchen, I got to decide how it was decorated and organized and the same pretty much went for the dining room (though I did let CH pick the paint for the walls); we split the living room and the master bedroom and bathroom, I got the powder room and the guest room while CH got the guest bathroom and the office. Well, like water gently lapping at the shore, I slowly eroded the invisible barrier that kept me from putting my grubby little influence all over the office and managed to show CH the benefits of good furniture arrangement and, perhaps most importantly, good furniture period (no more Wal-Mart crap, hooray!). But something was still not quite right; the office needed some more polish, something to pull it all together and that's when I realized what was missing: color! At first I thought I should paint the walls, but I knew that wouldn't go over well with CH, as he is apparently allergic to things that exist beyond the "landlord's special" off-white-with-white-trim color range. While browsing my fave discount place, I spotted the fabulous lamp you see above and had a eureka moment. Green would look awesome, especially used as an accent against all of the "golden" oak arts and crafts furnishings that now grace the room. The color is fun and modern and yet not too crazy...apparently it is easy being green. Anywho, I bought the lamp and some magazine butlers in the green and found some fabric samples online for some fun curtains that are supposedly easy to make and am currently scouting options for having my $5 chair reupholstered or slip-covered in something that is complementary. As my dad said, by the time CH is back, he won't recognize the place. Muahahaha!

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