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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Wordless{ish} Wednesday: A trip to the zoo

{Yesterday was one of those rare days in El Paso where the temperature wasn't expected to climb above the low 90s and it was overcast for most of the morning--basically, it was downright pleasant outside, which is unusual for the end of July around these parts.  We had nothing planned for the day so I suggested that we head to the zoo and take in the sights while taking advantage of the break in the weather.}

{This parrot spent the better part of the morning perched like this and squawking loudly at anyone and anything that walked by; it was almost like he was saying, "HEY YOU!  CHECK OUT WHAT I CAN DO!  I BET YOU CAN'T DO PULL-UPS WITH YOUR TOES."}

{Sammy's favorite exhibit at the zoo is the sand cat display--he loves going up to the glass and talking to the "kitties."  I thought it was kind of funny to see the cardboard boxes and paper bags scattered amongst the more natural aspects of their enclosure; I guess all cats love curling up inside of boxes.}

{We then made our way over to the sea lion display so that we could all sit and relax for a bit (and enjoy a snack or two).  I could have sat and watched the sea lion's underwater ballet for hours; it was just so mesmerizing and hypnotic the way he moved through the water.}

{It's amazing how much different this trip to the zoo was compared to the last time that I took Sammy there in December; he's so much more aware of the different kinds of animals that were on display and was really putting two and two together based on what he remembered from his picture books about animals.  Plus Sammy is now tall enough that he can see over most of the fences and barriers, which I'm sure made the visit all the more interesting for him now that he can actually see the animals in their enclosures.  What a difference a few months makes!}


Fat Bottomed Girl said...

Actually, this is normal for July. It's monsoon season. Last year's high temps were not normal. Monsoon season all but skipped us last year!

Chelsey - The Paper Mama said...

Last time we went to the zoo... R wanted to get in the enclosure with the cougars. They were playing with a weight ball... like kittens. <3

Lori said...

Vallon loves kitties too! Great capture of the sea lion.

melifaif said...

That was my 1st thought...."my gosh, sammy is getting taaaalllll!!!!" And then you said it. :) Very cool parrot, but that sea lion pic does it for me. Looks so cool, as in temperature, and soft. Love it.

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