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Monday, August 6, 2012

Time for some fun!

It's amazing how nice it can become outside once the sun starts to set in El Paso--I swear, it feels like the temperature drops by about fifteen degrees once the sun starts making its way towards the western horizon.  Since Sammy still had a lot of energy to burn after dinner the other day, I suggested to my mom that we take him to White Spur Park to run around for a bit.  It's been awhile since we were last there and I was pretty surprised at just how more adventurous Sammy had become in the interim--he even tackled a rope bridge all on his own and without any hesitation; that was kind of a big deal for my typically risk-averse toddler.

After he had his fill of climbing and sliding, Sammy asked Gramz to push him in the swings; he flew up into the sky, laughing and smiling the whole time--I was pretty glad that I had thought to grab my camera as we made our way out of the house because he was totally cheesing it the whole time we were at the park.  We all had a healthy dose of fun and then it was off to cool down with some ice cream and then head home.  I hope your weekend was as fun-filled as ours was!

 then, she {snapped}
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Maeve's Momma said...

Maeve is definitely getting braver on the playground - but she still hates the swings! Sammy looks adorable! :)

melifaif said...

As much as I love seeing that sweet smiley face...I am ready to see the other one!!! :) Thinking of you, ready to pop.

Ragazza Bazaar said...

Your son is adorable, he looks like he really enjoys the swings. White Spur is an awesome park. It's enclosed, lot's to play with, and love the water sprays!

Sarah Halstead said...

Awww. Soooo adorable!! Looks like he was having so much fun. Great shots.

Katie said...

Can't believe how big your boy has gotten! He is so gorgeous! I can't wait to see your next gorgeous baby!

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