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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Mission Organization

Anyone who's been unfortunate enough to have spent any time in my garage knows it was a total mess.  The husband had a habit of just leaving the garage door open, which meant that the whole thing was filled with dead leaves and other debris (I'm still finding pine needles from the Christmas tree) and probably a host of all sorts of creepy crawlies that I'd rather not think about.  Ever.  Adding to the detritus was a lot of my random stuff that I just haven't gotten around to unpacking or finding a place for in the house.  The husband and I had purchased some of those plastic interlocking shelving units in the hopes that it would inspire us to do something about the garage, but that never really happened.  It just became a place on which to pile more stuff.  But fortunately for me, my mom came into town!

She quickly surveyed the mess and assured me it would be a piece of cake.  We ran back to Lowe's for some more supplies and then began the process of moving everything out of the garage so that we could start sweeping all of the dirt, dead leaves, and cobwebs out.  Then came the hard part--putting the shelves together.  According to their label, they were supposed to be easy to assemble "in five minutes."  Well, I'm afraid I have to call bullsh*t on that because it certainly took us more than five minutes and it wasn't easy (I'm still a little sore).  Let's just say I wish I had video taped the entire process, because I have the feeling that it would be hilarious played at fast-forwarded speeds; it would have made us celebrities on youtube.  I was hanging from the top shelves, trying to force the shelving supports into place, while my mom was up on a ladder, stepping on each corner.  At one point she discovered that if she sat down really hard on the shelf, the support would lock into position.  So it was an assembly line of sorts, with my mom standing up and sitting down, while I turned the shelf to the next corner for her so she didn't even have to change her position.  I'm sure the neighbor's kids were amused.

In the end, it was worth the sore arms and bottoms.  The garage is spic and span, everything is in its place, and the best part is that I can get my car in there.  Hooray!  


G. said...

Looks fantastic!

L. said...

Thanks! Hopefully one day you'll be able to see it (and the rest of the place) in person...next week perhaps? :)

jennai said...

Looks fantastic. Hopefully one day you will be able to see it thanks for sharing

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