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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Hair today, gone tomorrow

Say hello to my hair, but don't get too attached to it because tomorrow I'm having at least ten inches of it cut off. Why ten inches, you ask? Because of this great cause. Am I excited? Heck yeah. Do I know how I'm going to have it cut? Um, well, not exactly...I haven't really gotten that far. It will probably be something shoulder-length and hopefully less of a hot mess than what I've been sporting for the last several months. I'm just looking forward to actually having a style again other than "ridiculously long." The main reason I've not cut my in forever and a day is because the hubby has a thing for long hair. But since he's out in Kansas these days and I won't see him for awhile, I figured now is as good a time as ever. Plus, the earlier I cut it all off, the more time I'll have for it to grow back to a less shocking length for when he returns. Everyone wins!


G. said...

Good for you! I'm totally growing my hair out for the cause too, although I'm not there yet (and we'll see if I make it!).

L. said...

I honestly can't wait to do the "after" picture with my ponytail in a plastic bag. We should do a hair-drive of sorts!

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