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Monday, March 14, 2011



Many, many years ago I participated in a summer study program at Tohoku Gakuin University in Sendai, Japan.  During my time there, I resided with two families--the Aitas and the Izumis.  Both families opened their homes and their hearts to me and treated me as though I was their own daughter.

The Aitas and me, Sendai, Japan, 1998

Mrs. Izumi and me, Sendai, Japan, 1998

As the reports of the overwhelming destruction caused by Friday's earthquake and the resulting tsunami flooded the airwaves, I immediately thought of all of the wonderful people that I was so fortunate to have met and befriended during my brief time in Japan.  I can only hope and pray that they are okay.

If you would like to make a donation to the American Red Cross to support the relief efforts in Japan via the iTunes store, click here.


Natalia said...

Oh wow. I hope you're able to hear some news soon. Mr. F's Mom #2 (step-mom) lived in Sendai for a while and is also waiting to hear from friends...So sad, I can't even imagine.

Tonya said...

The videos I've watched of the devastation are just beyong comprehension. Praying for your friends and others who have been affected by this tragedy.

Casey Martinez said...

Your personal connection makes this much more powerful. Sometimes we sit back and feel awful but, so quickly move on here in the states. Knowing that you personally know people there and have experienced the culture makes this more real to me too! I'm so sorry for everyone over there. Donations yes a must just wish I could go comfort people and serve them!! :(

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