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Friday, January 6, 2012

Memories, dreams and reflections of 2011

1. Me! 

 2. I Love You: My two favorite guys

  3. Still Laughing... : I'm still not sure what brought this on, but this face cracks me up every time.

  4. Winter Wonderland: Okay, so the desert may not exactly conjure up visions of a winter wonderland, but this is what I've got to work with down here.

  5. Birthday: Sammy's first birthday party.

  6. Friends: My lovely lady friends threw me a slumber party before we made the move to Texas--I miss getting to see their smiling faces.

7. I Was Inspired... : I took the leap and bought a sewing machine this fall; there are so many inspiring projects floating around on the internet that I almost don't know where to begin!

8. Spring Fever: I shot this on the campus of UNC this spring--the spring foliage there was so pretty.

 9. Travel or Vacation: Everything but the kitchen sink went with me on our epic road trip from Virginia to Texas this summer.

 10. Summer Days: I can't wait for it to warm up a bit so I can take Sammy back to the zoo's splash pad.

 11. A Day In My Life: Laundry and kitties.

 12. All Smiles: My sweet nephew, Henry.

13. Autumn Harvest

14. Family or Home: Sammy and my parents hanging out before we made the move to Texas.

15. Celebrate!: Sammy and Captain Husband meeting for the first time after nearly a year apart.

  16. Let's Do It Again... : I think we'll be making a regular habit of sledding at White Sands.

 17. I Miss You: I miss having my mom within driving distance and getting together with her over the weekends.

18. Beautiful: Monarch butterfly on Fort Bliss

  19. Dress Up 

20. Macro

21. Holidays: This easily could have used as my still laughing choice...mother of the year right here!

22. My Favorite

23. Don't Ever Change: I hope Sammy never stops loving on Sandy--they're the best of friends.

24. Just Because...So There!: I just love this shot of my dad and Sammy sitting back, eating chips and watching football.

25. Hopes and Dreams:  2011 brought a lot of changes to our family (CH coming home, moving to Texas) and I know that we've got some even bigger changes heading our way this year (hello, new baby!); my hope is that we'll be able to handle everything this year throws at us and remain a happy and loving family.


    NHGirl said...

    What great photos!! It looked like a really good year. The reunion photo between your hubby and Sammy was really adorable- it reminded me of the one with my own hubby and son. :)

    Did I see a UNH tee in there?? Go Wildcats!! :) (my alma mater)

    Ashley Sisk said...

    So many fantastic shots this past year - I can't wait to see what's in store for you in 2012. So excited for your new baby.

    Lori said...

    I love these! It's great to look back at all the memories!


    Karin said...

    That is a good way to look back....btw. My husband got me a sewing machine for Christmas! Quite a challenge! Did you know how to sew before you bought yours?

    jax from the harmon squad said...

    I LOVE that family photo!!

    Tracy P. said...

    That white sand is beautiful, and your son's face is captivating! Looks like you made the best of a year of transition.

    Sarah said...

    Such great shots!! Love them all especially his chocolate face and your selfie. Really excited about your new baby.

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