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Friday, January 20, 2012


I think Sammy's pretty close to kicking this thing, whatever it is: he actually slept through the night on Wednesday and woke up yesterday morning in a pretty good mood.  Sammy's coughing--okay, more like hacking--with a bit more force, though, so we'll be visiting with our doctor this afternoon just to play it safe.

Since he still isn't at 100%, we decided to spend another day at home in self-imposed exile.  After three days being stuck indoors, I had to pull out some new tricks to keep Sammy entertained, like my old cell phone and a teepee that my aunt made for me years and years ago.

Sammy even managed to entertain himself for a bit after those things lost their novelty.

Pretty soon, though, he was clamoring to go outside; his new trick is going up to any door in the house, announcing, "Bye-bye!" and then trying to open the door.

Hopefully we'll get some answers from the doctor this afternoon and then Sammy will soon be on his way to a clean bill of health.  Until then, we'll be fighting off cabin fever!



Kim said...

Yeah, that stinks. Hoping you get the answers to help.
Give Sammy some washable markers and let him draw on the windows or that door in the picture. If he outs them in his mouth a little, they are washable. Usually a wet washcloth will take it iff when it is fresh on anything. Dried will need a little but of a cleaner, but you can even let Sammy clean it up with a rag and a vinegar/water solution. Totally safe and he gets to be a bigger boy. I bet he loves it. :)

Lori said...

He looks like he's ready to go on an adventure! Little ones don't like being being cooped up long.


Melanie said...

Awww... poor guy. Hope your cutie pie is all better now! These pics are all adorable!

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