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Thursday, December 1, 2011

The dearly departed

I have an odd fascination with old cemeteries and just can't pass up a chance to spend some time wandering around and photographing the beautifully-carved monuments.  My aunt and uncle happen to live next door to the Washington Cemetery, a bucolic suburban cemetery that was established in 1853, so my brother suggested that we go for a quick drive and explore for a bit while my mom watched Sammy.

The lovely time-worn headstones weren't the only things on display--a rather large herd of whitetail deer call the cemetery home and are so used to cars driving through that they actually will walk right up to your vehicle, begging for treats.  Now that hunting season has started, I can't help but think that these deer have the right idea--hunting is prohibited in the cemetery.

After our close encounter with the local wildlife, John and I made our way to the older portion of the cemetery; the monuments were breathtakingly beautiful, with a great many predating the actual foundation of the cemetery by a decade or more.

On of my favorite headstones belonged to a husband and wife that died in the 1850s--I found the carved clasped hands surmounting their final resting place to be terribly romantic.  Do any of you enjoy the strange hobby of graving?

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Kim said...

I love old cemeteries too. I always feel morbid saying it. They are beautiful and interesting.

Karin said...

You should go to Scotland! I have been to cemeteries that are really old, like...before the US was even discovered ;-)
There are graves from the 13 th century etc. You would love it!
I find it weird to think you drive through it, though, don't think we do that in Europe unless you own a hearse;-) maybe we do...but then, we don't have drive through ATMs either.

Maeve's Momma said...

I agree with Karin, I have enjoyed many awesome and ancient cemeteries in England! Although they can be a little depressing with so many infant and child graves :(

Jess said...

GREAT pics! I love old cemeteries too! We have a ton of them down here in Biloxi & New Orleans of course. They hold such mystery! And the monuments are so beautiful! The deer is sooooooo cute! I hope he finds refuge among the stones there during hunting season :)

Chic Homeschool Mama said...

WOW- those are amazing- what an interesting place!

Van said...

cemeteries can be interestng place to photography...it tells the local history! plus is so quiet and peaceful!
love the deer photo! made me smile!

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Tonya said...

Wow, look at that deer! We have deer that travel through our backyard, but it's always mamas and babies. My dad always felt as if the fall foliage in cemeteries was the most colorful.

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