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Wednesday, September 24, 2008


As I type this, both the Trish-monster and the Josie-cat are occupying the same floor of the house at the same time, without sounding like they'd rather try and kill each other. At some point last night, they were separated only by 8 feet of carpet. It was amazing. I credit this fantastic progress to the cat prozac that my friend Chad told me about over the weekend. I put one in Josie's "safe room" and another where Trish likes to relax in the dining room and they seem to have mellowed them both out a bit. I'm not quite comfortable with having the two cats roam around on their own at night just yet (basically I don't want to be woken up at 4 am by a cat fight), but I think in the next week or so the cats will have reached a point where they no longer really care about the other one. Hopefully I'll be able to grab a photo of the two of them in the same room soon as proof.

In other news, the hubby is doing well in Kansas although he seems to be a bit bored these days. I guess running around with night vision goggles and being flipped over in a vehicle to learn the proper way of escaping a wreckage just doesn't do it for him anymore (I thought it sounded kind of fun). As of right now, he's supposed to get the weekend of Columbus Day off, so he's flying home to hang out with his girls for a day or two. We like to think of Columbus Day as the light at the end of the tunnel...well, this particular tunnel, I guess. As you all know, there will be many more tunnels in the next year, but we're both taking things day by day. Its kind of funny; we've been married for nearly two months, and we've spent five weeks of that time separated. But I'm fortunate in that I have a wonderful group of friends who have taken it upon themselves to make sure that I'm still going out and about and not sitting at home feeling sorry for myself. Hooray for good friends!


G. said...

So glad the girls are making progress. They'll be best buds before you know it ;)

jennai said...

The article is so interesting to read thanks for sharing

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