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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A tale of two kitties

Say hello to Josie, the newest member of our family!

Josie's foster mom, Susan, came over this evening to meet the Trish-monster and to interview me regarding the possibility of adoption. I was a little worried about the two cats meeting for the first time (flashbacks of the time that Trish beat up the neighborhood tomcat kept running through my mind), but altogether it went pretty well. Trish hissed a bunch and Josie growled right back at her from the safety of her pet carrier, but neither one went crazy with rage and were actually pretty calm throughout the entire process. Once I secured Trish upstairs in the bedroom, Josie quickly came out of the carrier and set about exploring the house. She seemed very comfortable in her new surroundings and was bold enough to even eat and drink a little bit out of the Trish-monster's bowl (if you've ever met my cat, you'd know how serious of an offense that could be; I worry about losing a finger or two when I go to change her water).

After a very pleasant visit with Susan, she decided that we were a good match for Josie and asked if I would be interested in having Josie stay tonight. Now, I didn't want to be presumptuous, but during my lunch break today, I went out and bought new food and water bowls and a litter box just in case there was a possibility of Josie becoming a part of the fam in the very near future. She's now comfortably set up in the guest bedroom so that she and Trish can get used to the thought (and smell) of each other without being in one another's furry faces. The transition will be slow, but it will be worth it. They seem to be pretty evenly matched in terms of temperament and personality, so hopefully they'll become friends, or at the very least, tolerant of the other's presence.

Oh, one last thing about Josie; she doesn't have a full tail. She has a three inch nub that she wags like a dog. Nubbins!


G. said...

So exciting! I look forward to more tales of the Trish-monster and her new friend :)

jennai said...

I am very confused by the title and the content is there no connection

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