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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Baby buddies

My mom, Sammy and I made a pit stop at my friends Tim and Julianne's house in Frederick, Maryland, the other night on our way back to Virginia from Pennsylvania.  On the agenda was a baby playdate and a night out on the town while my mom and Julianne's mom, Judy, watched their respective grandkids.  Sammy hadn't visited with Lillian since October and it's amazing how much more the two are capable of these days.  The two kiddos played together nicely and Lillian gave Sammy some pointers on how to style his hair.

The three of us got dressed up and ready for a night out on the town while the babies put on their pajamas and prepared to be cuddled by their grandmothers (seriously, my mom and Judy look like they could be sisters).

We posed for one quick photo in our evening finery and then we were off to paint the town red; I'm going to be honest and say that I straight up hate how I've been looking in photos lately but Tim and Julianne looked pretty smoking so I had to share (plus it's proof that I actually do manage to get out of my yoga pants and hoodies from time to time).

We went and had a drink before dinner at The Cellar Door and then headed over to Olives for dinner; I had the gnocchi verdi and a pear, goat cheese and glazed walnut salad and it was delicious.  We then stopped in the Tasting Room for a couple of after dinner drinks (Tim was very sweet and offered to be the DD so Julianne and I could have a moms' night out).  It was a great evening and apparently both kids behaved very well for their grandmothers.  I think we're might have to make a habit out of these get-togethers.  And just for fun, here's a photo that Judy took of Sammy and Lillian wearing tiny top hats (okay, they're technically wearing stacking cups on their heads, but you get the idea).


Jupiter Family said...

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Gretchen said...

Oh glad you guys had a great time!

kitten said...

How fun! It's so nice to watch babies this age play with each other, they are so adorable! Glad you were able to take a mini break and par-tay! :)

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