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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The last day on the road

I get the feeling that Sammy and Sandy were beginning to tire from all of our time on the road, because they really let us sleep in on our last day of the trip.  Before we got on the highway again, I took a quick detour in downtown Big Spring to check out a turn-of-the-century architectural gem:

Joseph Potton was a master mechanic with the Texas and Pacific Railroad; he built this home as an investment property and leased it out until his retirement in 1912.  The home was meticulously maintained by Potton's descendants and is now operated as a museum that can be viewed by appointment; I really wish we had been able to see the inside of the home.  But the road beckoned and Sammy and I were soon on our way.

We did manage to find the time for one last pit-stop in Odessa, Texas, where Sammy and I visited with the world's largest jack rabbit--however, I think it's a bit of a dubious honor:

Well, at least there were no tears this time!


- Jessi - said...

Very cool architecture. Looks like you all had a nice time!

Sarbear said...

That first picture of Sammy and Sandy melts my heart.

Tonya said...

L, I've so enjoyed reading about your journey. I love traveling via automobile, watching the scenery and visiting all of the oddities that make up our US of A! I hope you are keeping cool and settling in!

Anonymous said...

How fun. Love that house. That first photo is so sweet.

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