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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Please welcome the Annoyed Army Wife!

As L. prepares to move cross country to El Paso I’m happy to stand in and keep you all occupied.  First, here’s an intro for those of you who do not know me; I’m the annoyed army wife married to OccDoc, an Army doctor recently returned from a deployment in Afghanistan.  As I like to say ‘I support the troops, just not always the one I’m married to.’  Anyway, we’ve done our fair share of moving.  We left our home, Chicago, and headed south to San Antonio for a year, then a couple years in Maryland, then a year in hell/middle of nowhere, a couple years in Salt Lake City, and now we’re back pretty close to the middle of nowhere.

Most of our moves we have movers come and pick up our crap, then OccDoc and I load all of our pets in the car and hit the road.  We always beat the movers to our new home and begin cleaning like fools often working late into the night to ensure our house has a beautiful sheen to it before we start dragging all of our dirty crap inside.  There’s a moment of every move that I wish I could bottle.  It’s right after we’ve cleaned everything, so the air still smells like lemon pledge, pinesol, and febreeze.  Our sleeping bags are laid out in the living room as our indoor camp site with a few candles burning as a makeshift fire.  The dogs are asleep.  The house is completely silent without a glaring TV or ipod playing.  And it’s just me and OccDoc.  We take a deep breath, hold each other’s hands, and imagine the possibilities.  It’s that particular moment I love so much.  Just for that particular moment we are so alive with hope and anticipation of this new adventure we almost forget the fact that the next day we have to figure out what the movers broke.  Just kidding, L, they haven't broken much!

I know moving blows big time, but there is always a bright side. What’s your favorite part of a move?


Maeve's Momma said...

I think it will be even nicer next time we move, but fresh carpets! There's something so nice about newly cleaned (or new!) carpets.

NHGirl said...

I love the trip getting to a new duty station. It's not all sunshine and rainbows, but it's always memorable!

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