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Monday, August 15, 2011

Please welcome Clara from Maeve's Mama: Thoughts on Motherhood!

Hi there, awesome readers of L-Cubed!  I feel lucky to be able to share a guest post to help out Laura while she's en route to Texas.  I was pondering what to write about, particularly what Laura and I have in common.  I am not a military wife, and my daughter is just a few months older than Sammy.  But what we have in common is a love of antiques, or in my case, antique books.

I love antique books, most especially versions of books I love.  My biggest collection of antique books is my copies of Hamlet - the oldest was printed in 1898, and the latest was 1960, but they are all so beautiful and close to my heart.

The gem of my collection, and the only one that is actually worth more than I paid for it, is "Stories from Chaucer Told to the Children", a very lucky find in an Oxfam bookstore in Oxford, England.  It was published in 1914, and according to the name plate, it was awarded to a child named Olive for her pressed flower collection.

(Love the Art Deco look)

It's a funny idea, telling Chaucer's tales to children, most of Chaucer is bawdy enough to make a bartender blush, but these stories are carefully chosen and gently retold.  The treasures of this book are the breathtaking illustrations, done in watercolor by Heath Robinson, in a lovely Art Deco style. 

(All the women look very deferential)

My daughter will get to enjoy some of these books when she is old enough to take care of delicate things... right now that feels like roughly twenty years away.  But these precious tomes will wait on my shelf till she is ready, or I am.


doozee said...

this is funny - I didn't know your name is Clara!! I love that name.

I also think it's hella cool that you collect antique books. I have one, given to me by an old person I took care of. I'm scared to touch it.

Where do you house yours?

Maeve's Momma said...

Thanks, Meriah! Right now I just keep them on a special shelf, but I plan on keeping them in a glass-front bookcase once we're in a house and not an apartment.

Tonya said...

That's really a gorgeous book. Because of my librarian background, I'm a "borrower not a keeper be."

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