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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Texture Thursday: On the rack

My shot for Texture Thursday is a bit of a stretch, but  this is what happens when I stay up too late having a blast with some of my girlfriends.  My good friend, Suzy, came in from California to host an in-home fashion trunk show so I invited some of my friends over for an evening of cute clothes, good food and fun conversation last night.  It's a little hard shopping for clothing when you're entering the third trimester, but even I was pleasantly surprised to find a few things that could double as maternity and post-maternity wear.  If I keep this up, I may just find myself turning into a stylish mama one of these days.

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1 comment:

Audrey Christensen said...

WHAT?! you not already a stylish mamma? you could of fouled me. ;)

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