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Monday, July 14, 2008

Like, totally awesome to the max!

Laura & Jim 4-ever!

My lovely and fabulous friends decided that they couldn't let me get married without having a bachelorette party, so they came up with the great idea of having an 80s themed slumber party, which by the way, was possibly the best idea in the history of mankind. Friends came from far and wide (with Kathryn and Aubree' competing for the furthest distance traveled) in their 80s finest. Crimpers were used, as was blue eye shadow, frosted pink lipstick, and oh, the glorious scrunchies! Tab was the drink of choice...ok, not really, but it did make a good prop.

There was pizza to eat, booze to drink, games to play and awesome movies to watch...such as Dirty Dancing (sadly lacking in Swayze butt, did they edit that stuff out?), Heathers, and The Princess Bride, because mawwiage is what bwings us togwevaw today. It was great! Maybe too great of a time, as I had to spend some, ahem, alone time in the bathroom for a bit. After some rest (and offering to freeze my bra in pittance), everything was cool and it was back to the party. (I blame the pimp cup that Elizabeth had me drinking out of at the beginning of the evening-it just made everything taste better!) I would share more, but I had to sign a contract stipulating that whatever happened at the bachelorette party stayed at the bachelorette party. Like, totally.


G. said...

So sad to have missed it!!!! Haven't seen Heathers in years! Orange juice and Draino. Glad that wasn't your drink of choice ;)

L. said...

No phlegm globs were involved, but my hull was certainly cleaned out. For more 80s mayhem, check out my flickr page; there's a link to it on the right hand side under the title "In lieu of a thousand words."

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