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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Mad hatter

When I decided to go with an 50s style cocktail dress for the wedding, I figured I should go all out and get a fabulous chapeau to match. After some digging on the interwebs and coming up with nothing that really struck my fancy, I turned to Etsy and found EXACTLY what I was looking for courtesy the lovely lady at Batcakes! Couture. Seriously, I would have done the entire wedding through Etsy, especially if I were going the more traditional route and had tons more time (like this adorable cake topper? I could just eat it up)... So I went and bought a gorgeous hat and I love it; the only problem being that I didn't have anything in which to transport it to various hair appointments and the actual wedding itself. Well, thanks again to one of my favorite local consignment/antique shops, the problem has been solved!

And yes, I bedazzled the hat box with my initial. Booyah.

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