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Friday, October 1, 2010

MilSpouse Friday Fill-In

In an effort to learn more about fellow MilSpouse bloggers, Wifey from Wife of a Sailor started this weekly meme; here are this week's questions.

1. What is the silliest get-up you have ever worn outside of a Halloween party? (from To The Nth)

Probably my pajamas (which I am now wearing out in public on an almost daily basis these days) and/or anything involving legwarmers. There have been a few occasions in which the two have been worn together; thankfully there is no photographic evidence that I know of. If you're willing to go back about two decades, I think this is probably the worst offender:

2. What is something that you gave up in order to live the military lifestyle? (from Pennies from Heaven)

Control. I no longer have much of a say in the wheres and whens of my life these days. It's a little scary for a type A person like myself.

3. If money wasn’t a factor and you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be? And why? (from Life and Times of a Displaced Jersey Girl)

I would love to go to Venice--anywhere in Italy, really. The art and architecture are my primary reasons, but Indiana Jones may have something to do with it, too.

4. If you were going to join the military, what branch would you join? Or which MOS/rating would you choose? (from Anonymous)

I actually met with a Naval recruiter the summer before my senior year of college; it was my back-up plan in case I wasn't able to find a job in the museum field after I graduated.

5. What is your favorite thing to make for dinner? (from Armendinger Party of 4)

My Aunt Linda's casserole--it's full of cheesy goodness!


Julie the Army Wife said...

We really do have to give up so much control don't we?

Venice would be nice!

Anonymous said...

Gotta have a fanny pack! :)

It's a huge sacrifice to be part of a military family, though I don't know how hard it is... know that there are people like me who always include your family's well being and safety in our prayers, and are THANKFUL for the service your family is providing our country.

Sammie said...

I said Italy too! The food is my fav and there are so many places to visit when you're a history buff like us :)

Sammie @ http://militaryadventure.blogspot.com

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