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Monday, October 25, 2010

Pumpkin time

My friends, Phil and Elizabeth, had their annual pumpkin carving party this past Saturday, so Sammy and I headed down to their place, which happens to be on the grounds of Stratford Hall, the eighteenth-century home of the noteworthy Lee family of Virginia. Fall weather has finally arrived in Virginia, making it the perfect day to spend time outside, catch up with friends, and lobotomize some pumpkins.

Chuck Norris only has one hand...the upper hand.

And because I'm mean, cruel and nasty, I dressed Sammy up in his pumpkin costume and took a few photos of my little pumpkin with the real thing. They'll be perfect for when he's older and I need to embarrass him in front of any dates he brings home.


Julie the Army Wife said...

That looks like fun!

Eschelle said...

horay for embarassing photos!!! It's the only time to get them in pumpkin gear is when they are too young to do anything about it lol!

Lacey said...

Yay Chuck Norris!! HAHAH

Veronica Lee said...

LOL! Too cute!
I can never get enough of looking at pumpkin pics.

kitten said...

Looks like fun! :D
LOL on chuck!!!

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