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Friday, February 25, 2011

MilSpouse Friday Fill-in #31

In an effort to learn more about fellow MilSpouse bloggers, Wifey from Wife of a Sailor started this weekly meme;  here are this week's questions.

1. Aside from no deployments, what is one thing you would want to make the MilSpouse life "perfect"? submitted by Oh How Delightful

I touched on this last week; I would love it if there were longer tours of duty at permanent duty stations.  I want Sammy to have a stable childhood and make long-lasting friendships, which is going to be difficult if we're moving every three years or so. 

2. Just how many peppers did Peter Piper pick? submitted by Married into Army

He picked a peck and since a peck is a measure of volume and not an actual count, the answer is "it depends."  Wow, this was a spectacularly boring answer.  Sorry!

3. If you could have any career in the world with nothing holding you back, what would you do? submitted by It's My Party and I'll Cry if I Want To

I'd love to be a prop manager/set designer for period films/television shows.  I would give my left arm to work on something like Boardwalk Empire and Mad Men.  (One of my favorite things to do, which is probably super annoying to everyone else, is to watch period films and point out all of the inaccuracies in the set design and costuming--I'm such a nerd.)

4. Do you have a service oriented tattoo and if so what is it. If you don't what would you get? submitted by The Squid's Accomplice

I don't currently have a service-oriented tattoo, but if I were to get one, it would probably something Sailor Jerry in style, or a Gil Elvgren-type patriotic pin-up girl.  I like to keep it old school.

5. Imagine a block of time has opened up in your busy day for you to take a class in anything you like. What subject would you choose?  submitted by To The Nth

Digital photo editing.  I pretty much taught myself the basics of Photoshop but I would love to learn how to use all of its tools to their full potential.

Speaking of Photoshop, my entry in the Love Letters to Kitty Paw contest made the top ten!  Sandy Cat sure would appreciate it if you could click below and give us a vote--our entry is listed at #9.  Thanks and have a great weekend everyone!


NHGirl said...

Hahahahaha, I loved your answer to #2!

Jen said...

I love following you! So much that I wanted to pass an award to you :)

Natalia said...

I love your dream job idea! I also like to point out all the inaccuracies in period films, or ones dealing with ancient Greece and Rome. The short-lived TV show "Rome" was pretty darn good since they hired an art historian to consult on every detail. More productions need to do this!

Me: said...

I also love to point out the inaccuracies in films! In fact thats one of the reason's I majored in costume design in college! Another reason I enjoy chatting with you :)

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