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Friday, June 3, 2011

Foto Friday: Food

This week's theme over at Foto Friday is food and I have to admit that I kind of took the easy way out on this one. I had hoped to take some nice photos of my latest culinary adventure, in which I cooked my first whole chicken in a crock pot (which, by the way, turned out DELICIOUSLY). But it didn't exactly lend itself to photos of a particularly aesthetic nature, so I went with what works, which is Sammy (of course).

Bon appetit

That's not a rash or a bruise on his face, rather it's a colorful mixture of sweet potato fries and blackberries that he managed to smear all over the place (including behind his ears).  The kid sure does enjoy his food.

Be sure to check out the other lovely photos this week by clicking below; 
have a great weekend everyone!


Ashley Sisk said...

Hey Sammy - don't eat them all!

Veronica Lee said...

Such a sweet pic of Sammy! Great choice for Foto Friday.

Happy Friday!

Amanda said...

Very sweet! I love his bright blue eyes!

Kim said...

Ah yes, while chicken in a crockpot is delicious it isn't very photogenic. lol. I bet it was yummy, though.
Shots of Sammy are always fantastic. Thanks for joining in the fun. I love seeing your shots. :)

Jessica said...

Landon makes a huge mess when he eats. I think he gets more on his face/head/wherever than he does in his mouth, lol. He's a messy eater.

Sarah said...

So adorable! I love this picture of Sammy. His eyes are gorgeous.

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