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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Fourth-cousin fun

Ashley and Sammy

This most recent trip to western Pennsylvania coincided with the ninth birthday of my cousin, Ashley, which Sammy and I were only more than happy to attend--hey, we both like cake and ice cream.  (I actually sat down and figured out the familial relationship that's going on here in these photos--technically, Ashley, Madison and Sammy are second cousins, twice removed, but in the interest of simplification, we just refer to each other as cousins.)  The party was held at my great-uncle John's house; to say my uncle has a green thumb would be a massive understatement.  His house sits on about an acre and a half in town, and nearly every inch is covered with flower and vegetable beds; the girls had a blast showing Sammy the finer points of how to play in the dirt (there were only a few flower casualties).

Taking time to stop and pick the flowers

In return, Sammy taught them how to Vogue:


After impressing everyone with his awesome dance moves, Sammy then decided to show off his new walking skills, while I held my breath and watched (after all, his black eye was still fresh on my mind).

Walking! 500

We then headed down to the chicken coop to check for the day's eggs; Sammy had never seen chickens in real life before and was transfixed as they scratched about the rows in my uncle's garden.

One of Uncle John's chickens

Madison shows off her find

Before we knew it, it was a certain someone's bedtime so we said our goodbyes and started to gather up the various camera and diaper bags that I can't leave home without, but not before the birthday girl managed to squeeze in one last Sammy hug:

Sammy and the birthday girl


Veronica Lee said...

Cousins (no matter how many times removed!) are always fun. So glad Sammy got to spend time with them. The joy on their faces is precious!! Love the photos, L!

Anonymous said...

Adorable photos. How fun!

Casey Martinez said...

k, you totally lost me on the family connections but, that is because I am S.l.o.w. lol. Sure, looks like Samsters got a lot of lovin!

Karin said...

The girls are adorable but Sammy is just gorgeous! His eyes in the last photo are amazing...could not stop looking at him! The more I read about Sammy the more I want to meet him one day! Who knows...maybe we pack Amy on a plane one day and travel the US and pay a surprise visit ;-) not for a while so don't be scared hahahha

Tara said...

Great photos! He is just too cute!

Chic Homeschool Mama said...

Oh what fun! Looks like it was a great time!

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