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Thursday, June 9, 2011

What's in the box?

A little birdie told me that something was going to be coming in the mail for Sammy, and sure enough, a few days ago a box addressed to him arrived on our front doorstep.  I brought it upstairs so that Sammy could open it, though I think he was happy with the box on its own to be honest.

A package for Sammy

I opened the box for him and let him explore the contents:

What could it be?

The surprise in the box

Taste-testing his new owl

I managed to wrest it away from him for a few minutes so I could take some photos of the surprise in the box:

Sammy's new owl

Isn't it adorable? I love the bright and colorful fabrics, and it's just the right size for Sammy to hold on to and cuddle. And the best part?

The back of the owl

It's personalized on the back! And just who is the wonderful person who made this for Sammy? My friend, Lindsey! I did some design work for her and she repaid me by making this adorable stuffed owl friend for Sammy.

It's an owl!

I think it's safe to say he likes it.


Ashley Sisk said...

That is so cute - I want one!

Sarbear said...

So so adorable! Great exchange. :)

Lou said...

omg how adorable! i want one! that is so cute!!!

Nicole said...

I know that kitty is thinkin' about going in that box...

I just realized I follow you "el-cubed" and I follow my friend "kb-squared." I have a real math thing goin' on in my blog reads.

Lindsey said...

Yay! I'm soooo glad he liked it :)

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