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Thursday, November 17, 2011

A low-key edit: Sammy in the shadows (after)


From the moment I downloaded the SOOC photo of Sammy onto my computer, I knew I really wanted to amplify the extreme contrasts of light and shade.  However--and this is rather embarrassing-- I cannot for the life of me remember exactly how I edited the original image, so I've retraced my steps in Picnik and I think I've got it mostly figured out.

1. Ran my version of a clean edit and manually adjusted the highlights to bring out more of the details.
2. Under the advanced settings tab, I selected curves and ran the Tri-X 1600 setting at 100% color override and 0% fade.
3. Cropped the photo.
4. Using the clone tool, I removed some of the white patterns from Sammy's pajamas, leaving an all-black background.

Here's a slightly closer look at the after:

I love how the light highlights the delicate curves of his cheek and nose, the subtle turn of his lip, the natural texture of his lashes and brow.  If you'd like to revel in the majesty of Sammy's ridiculously long lashes, click on the photo above, which will take you to my flickr photostream where you can view it larger.  Seriously--why is it that boys always have the most beautiful eye lashes?

The Daily Wyatt

And don't forget--if you'd like to learn how to make your photos go from good to wow, be sure to check out what's going on over at Jill and Ashley's blogs:


Ashley Sisk said...

Love what you did here - especially the bw conversion.

annoyed army wife said...

My husband is a boy with freakishly long lashes. I'm jealous of him and I'll add Sammy to my list of boys to be jealous of. Truly fabulous photo editing, though.

melifaif said...

I cannot explain to you....just how much I want a photo like this of Layla. Simpley captivating. I love it. You are brilliant. And ugh to the boys and the eyelashes.... :)

Kim said...

I love this edit. You kept the light just right.

Trish ~ ♥ ~ said...

he's a cutie pie! really like the way the edit has focus on his little cheeks and shows off his long eyelashes ~

Marcy said...

I love the cropping you did on this photo.

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