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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Oh, Henry!

I finally got to meet my nephew, Henry, for the first time last week, and boy, oh boy, is he a charmer! Even though he was overdue for his nap, Henry was such a sweet and smiley boy.

Like any new parents, Ben and Sarah are simultaneously exhausted and overjoyed by their bouncing baby boy but parenthood really seems to suit them both.  And just to prove I'm not the only shutterbug in my family, I managed to capture my brother in the act of taking pictures of me taking pictures of Henry.

I was hoping that Sammy would at least show some interest in his new cousin, but he honestly couldn't seem to care less--that is, unless I happened to be holding Henry, which is when the hysterical sobbing and the frantic, "Up!  Up!  Up!" began.  Sammy's going to have to get over this jealousy issue if he wants any siblings of his own.  We attempted to stage their very first photo as cousins, but neither one was really feeling it.  Fortunately Sammy and I are going to be around for the next week, so I'm sure there will be plenty of other opportunities for humiliation for touching family moments.

Sammy did attempt to tickle Henry's bare feet at one point, which resulted in the best dirty look I have ever seen a newborn give someone (I'm imagining his internal monologue, which is being directed towards his mother, as going something like, "Um, just who is this kid and why are you letting him touch me?"):

Soon it was time for Henry to take his nap, so I managed to snap a few photos of him before Sammy and I had to hit the road for Maryland.  Henry is such a cutie--I just want to hug him and squeeze him and call him George.

This week's Shoot and Edit theme is gratefulness and I have so much to be grateful for this Thanksgiving; I have a healthy and loving family that I enjoy spending time with.  I am especially grateful to my dad for cashing in some of his frequent flier miles so that Sammy essentially flew for free, which made it possible for us to come to Pennsylvania for the holiday. I am so, so grateful that Captain Husband will be spending this Thanksgiving here in the States...even though we aren't spending this Thanksgiving together, I know that he's only a phone call or a Skype session away.  I'm also grateful that CH is so supportive of my photography hobby/addiction, and grateful that I'm able to spend time photographing my lovely new nephew. What are you grateful for this week, my lovely readers?:

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Sarah said...

So jealous that you are there and I am not! It will be a rough Thanksgiving this year - my very first away from family : ( Give Henry a few extra snuggles from me!

Kim said...

Such a cutie pie. I love the shot of Sammy tickling his feet. Hilarious.

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