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Friday, November 11, 2011

The greatest casualty is being forgotten

Every other week or so I receive an unsolicited email from some company or vendor looking to advertise on my blog; it's not that I'm entirely opposed to the idea of using my blog as a marketing tool, but I decided that if I was ever going to take that route, I wanted it to be for something meaningful...something that I believed in.  Well, a few days ago that offer came in, just in time for Veteran's Day; I was contacted by the website, BradsDeals.com, which is one of the web's top coupon and deals sites.  BradsDeals recently updated their list of 195+ stores that offer military discounts and they wanted to share that information with as many military families as possible--and to do so, they created a badge that links directly to this list.  All you have to do is click below and you'll be taken directly there (I'll also be adding this badge to the footer of my blog):

Stores & Services Offering Military Discounts

To thank me for posting this information, BradsDeals is making a $25 donation to the charity of my choice, which is the Wounded EOD Warrior Foundation.

I asked that my donation be made in honor of SFC Aaron M. Causey; Aaron is the husband of a fellow military spouse, Kat, that I came to know via her blog, The Unlikely Wife.  Aaron lost both of his legs this September when he was severely wounded by an IED in Afghanistan; the Wounded EOD Warrior Foundation has paid for plane tickets for family, given Kat and Aaron a grant, an iPad, and offered any type of assistance that they might need.

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Warrior Wife said...

I stalk you all the time... and I would say that I don't know how I missed this, but looking at the date explains it. I was still spazzing out. You are a wonderful person, and I am so glad we are net buddies. Thank so much for thinking of others.

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