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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The terrible {burp} towel

It's no secret that I'm really enjoying my new sewing machine; I've got a list of projects that I'd like to attempt that grows by the day, thanks to my Pinterest addiction.  The other day I came across this great tutorial on how to make your own burp cloths and I knew I'd found a winner, especially as I've got a brand new nephew and second cousin make them for.v

I bought a pack of pre-fold cloth diapers at Target and a yard of some awesome Steelers fabric that I scored for 25% off.  After I had washed everything, I started cutting my fabric.  I'll be honest--the most tedious part of the whole process was the ironing and pinning, which I probably could have skipped but I wanted these to turn out nicely.

I managed to sew all eight of them in about a half an hour while Sammy napped and I'm pretty happy with how they turned out.  Hopefully Henry and Alex (and their parents) will like them.  If you know anyone that's expecting, I highly suggest giving these a try--they'd make a great shower gift.

It's funny how the sounds of the sewing machine transports me back to my own childhood; my mom was an avid sewer and I remember helping her pin and cut out patterns when I was little...I don't know if I'll ever get to her level, but I'm certainly having fun trying.


Sarah said...

I snapped my first sewing machine needle when I hit a pin this summer - what a disaster! The broken one fell down in the bobbin holder when I tried to take it out, so I had to turn the sewing machine upside down and shake it to find it. Now I make sure to take pins out well in advance of my machine getting to them!

Great use of Steelers fabric, though! Karl and I have matching PJ pants (out of fleece, of course)!

padre said...


Tonya said...

Cool. If I had even the slightest inclination to sew (all of my attempts have been disasters - I'm much too ADHD to do anything crafty) I'd have to whip up some of these, only I'd chose the fabric with the logo of our beloved Patriots ;)

Kim said...

Very cool! Ironing us tedious when sewing, but it makes things look nicer and it actually helps in the sewing process.

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