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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Mount Vernon

Thank you all for the well-wishes; I'm feeling much better today so my fingers are crossed that I'll be fully recovered soon.  And now back to our regularly scheduled programming:

Some of my husband's family were in DC this past week so I suggested that we meet up at Mount Vernon, one of my very favorite places in Virginia.  I was eager to introduce Sammy and his cousins to the awesomeness that is the home of all things George Washington, a.k.a. my eighteenth-century boyfriend.  We purchased our tickets and then made our way around the grounds, taking time to visit with all of the farm animals.


It was then time to tour the mansion house; the girls had a great time hearing about the Washingtons and how they lived in the eighteenth-century.  Even Sammy seemed to enjoy himself and was very well-behaved the entire time.  I'm pretty sure the bjorn is made of magic.


Eschelle said...

that looks really neat!! Glad you had a great time:D

kitten said...

love the sheep photo! you are really good at taking pics, L.!

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