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Friday, October 7, 2011

Creepy crawlies

Sammy's medication has done a wonderful job of clearing up his rash and infection, but boy, oh boy, the antibiotics have turned my sweet little boy into a whining, crying, temper-tantrum throwing hellion. I was in desperate need of a break by the time Captain Husband came home yesterday afternoon, so once CH got changed out of his work clothes and settled a bit I grabbed my keys and drove to Target to blow off some steam. And by steam, I mean buy Halloween decorations.  Sandy was not all that impressed by the giant spider that I brought home, but she was a huge fan of the ten-foot tinsel spiderweb; I pretty much had to hang it up last night otherwise she would have destroyed it with her playing.

I went outside and was immediately stymied as to how I was going to hang the giant spider web--I had originally intended to just nail it into place, but the adobe walls had other plans.  While I was figuring things out, I got smacked in the face by a wayward praying mantis...I haven't seen a praying mantis in years so I ran inside and grabbed my camera.  Eventually he flew off into the night and I got back to my decorating.

Giant spider: check. Giant spider web: check.  Glow in the dark skull: check.  Black light spotlight: check.  Purple led lights for additional atmosphere: check.  Here's how it all turned out:

Man, I can't wait until the trick-or-treaters come to our house.



Ashley Sisk said...

LOL I hate that Sammy isn't feeling his best. I had stomach and ear issues when I was a kid, so I was pretty whiny.

Lori said...

I love Halloween! I won't be here for it this year, we have a fishing trip planned. The decor looks nice.

Sarah said...

I love it. So cool. Great job. Hopefully Sammy is back to his cheerful self soon.

Kim said...

I love the giant spider. The Praying Mantis photo is great!

Tonya said...

Wow! That is so cool! You've inspired me to go get our Halloween box in the attic today. My kids LOVE decorating for Halloween. Are the antibiotics upsetting Sammy's tummy? You may already know this, but try yogurt - it's supposed to help upset tummies from the yuckiness of antibiotics. Good luck!

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